Helps you digitize loading and unloading procedures

It saves time and increases quality through real-time information sharing

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Assign jobs directly to the operator

  • Handles communication about when, how and by whom a job has been performed.
  • Compiles invoice documents and statistics automatically.
  • Frees up time so you can focus on being productive.

The truck driver gets a work tool for the future

The truck driver automatically receives all the information about a job on his device and can report statuses, upload photos, report damage and discrepancies, or stop customs clearance with the wrong customs status. He can also report and see where goods are on the terminal.

It feels better when one can do one’s job with less stress now that we get more time with help from the system. We have had a few hectic days that we would normally would not have gotten through without Mymo Terminal.

Vladimir Petrovic, Terminal Worker
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The office has automatic control over the work

Activities have a clear and quick overview of ongoing and upcoming work, which facilitates planning and prioritizing resources.

All status changes and discrepancies are stored in one place, billing documents can be created and sent automatically, and the company can get statistics to analyze and improve its business.

For my part, controlling everything at the terminal, it has become much better because I can always see what happens and how much traffic there is. It greatly facilitates my planning.

Alvaro Hole, Terminal Manager

The carrier has direct communication with the terminal

In real-time, the carrier, the truck driver and the office can follow the status of the work, see incident reports and get notifications about all important events. The carrier can convey changes to the work at the last second and find out when a job is done immediately.

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Watch the clip about NTEX AS’s implementation of Mymo Terminal

"Mymo Terminal gives us better opportunities for further growth."

- Andreas Nikolic, CEO, NTEX AS

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